How does social
networking happen
in the real world?

Step up your networking game with
MINE by RelSci.

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How it Works

1 Sync your business contacts and companies you want to receive alerts on (from your phone contacts or from LinkedIn)

2 Start receiving daily alerts on them

3 Act on that information by reaching out to them or sharing with others

4 Add more people and companies that you do (or want to do) business with

5 Always be in the know

Get Value

Identify changing circumstances and find reasons to reconnect with people

Gain instant intelligence on the people and the companies that matter to your success

Cut through the clutter and receive critical, hard-to-find news on your contacts

Why it matters

Less noise, more intelligence.

Actionable intelligence: news mentions, press releases, deal and stock transactions, donations, publications.

What's happening.

Stay on top of what is happening to your most important clients, prospects, mentors, peers.


Never miss out on an opportunity because you didn't have that crucial piece of information about a person.